Adidas: Pay PT Kizone workers legally mandated severance

Former PT Kizone worker with her daughter. Photo by USAS.In January 2011, the owner of PT Kizone factory fled Indonesia, and 2,800 workers and their families found themselves without the nearly half a year’s wages worth of legally-owed severance pay.  adidas is the only major buyer from the factory that has refused to accept responsibility and contribute towards what the workers are owed under Indonesian law; two other buyers, Nike and Dallas Cowboys, have already paid in a portion.  Nearly $1.8 million is still owed to the workers, who are struggling to keep children in school and put food on the table. Join us in calling on adidas to uphold its commitment to social responsibility.

Gregg Nebel

Director, Social @ Environmental Affairs Americas, Adidas Group

William Anderson

Director, Social & Environmental Affairs Asia Pacific, Adidas Gr


Frank Henke

Global Director, Social & Environmental Affairs, adidas Group