Global Action: Support Fired DHL Workers in Turkey

For more than a year, the Turkey Motor Vehicle and Transport Workers' Union, TUMTIS has been organizing workers at DHL Turkey. So far, over the last year, 20 workers have been fired for attempting to organize a union. Sacked workers are currently standing outside the warehouses in an act of resistance over their unfair dismissal. TUMTIS has made every attempt to engage local management and seek a resolution to the ongoing dismissals, but to no avail. Local management continues to tell workers that they must resign from TUMTIS or they will lose their job. The workers demand the right to become members of TUMTIS, and organize a union in their workplace, free from intimidation and threat of dismissal. You can help -- use the tool below to send a message to DHL!

Riza Balta

CEO of DHL Supply Chain Turkey

Emel Trker

John Gilbert

CEO DHL Supply Chain Americas and Exel Logistics

Graham Inglis

CEO DHL Supply Chain Europe Middle East and Africa

Paul Graham

CEO DHL Supply Chain Asia Pacific

Ken Allen

CEO DHL Express Division

Roger Crook

CEO DHL Freight Forwarding Division

Bruce Edwards

CEO DHL Supply Chain Division

For more information about the campaign, check out this factsheet.